Writing has always been a tool I have mastered, perhaps because I read too much when I was younger, influenced by my mother and encouraged by my godmother. 
This is how I found myself a copywriter at the beginning of college, but my first texts dated much earlier. It was a shock when I realized i was really a writer, after all, if writing paid my bills was exactly what I was. 
The last two years have been of very intense and continuous writing, where I opened more to a text about the all things around me. In that process, accumulated with other heavy processes of internal and external change, i created this zine.

A poetry booklet that served both to honor my grandparents' work, to understand my place in this group, and to mark a very delicate moment where they were the main supporters. 
So came "Family," my first authorial zine, which was distributed at Christmas to those who inspired it.

Concept, text and layout: Guilherme Toscano
Photos: Personal Collection
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